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ICT-Emissions methodology handbook

The handbook gives an exhaustive overview of the ICT-Emissions methodology to gauge the real impact of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) on CO2 emissions and fuel consumption of current and future vehicle fleets. The handbook presents results from real-world scenarios and explains what these measure are really worth, how to combine them to maximize their benefits or to evaluate and integrate future ones in a city transport systems.

Target groups: local authorities, automotive industry, OEMs.

Download here: ICT-EMISSIONS-HANDBOOK (zip file)

ICT-Emissions Final Conference “Quantifying the Effect of Intelligent Transport Systems on CO2 Emissions from Road Transportation”

ICT-Emissions came to an end in March 2015. Project results and recommendations were presented to an expert audience at a Final Conference on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 in Brussels.

The project developed a novel methodology and validated tools to evaluate the impact of ICT-related transport measures on mobility, vehicle energy consumption and CO2 emissions of vehicle fleets at the local scale by combining traffic and emission modelling at micro and macro scales. ICT-Emissions used existing commercial models and fine-tuned them to simulate the impacts of ICT measures. This activity was accompanied by real-world experiments to validate the performance and the accuracy of the methodology.

The event focused on:


The workshop aimed to:


Target audience:

The workshop was open to local authorities, automotive manufactures, system suppliers, software companies, and academia. We offered participants to:


Agenda and presentations

The Conference Agenda can be found here.

Presentations from the stakeholders workshop can be downloaded below:

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ICT-Emissions “Development of a methodology and tool to evaluate the impact of ICT measures on road transport emissions” is a project funded by the European Commission, 7th Framework Programme-ICT under Grant Agreement No. 288568.

The project started on 1st October 2011 and ended on 31 March 2015.






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